Role Models

I was sold on Role Models almost instantly – starring the lovely Paul Rudd, and the hilarious Seann William Scott and esteemed Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka. Superbad’s McLovin’) – it made me laugh about 5 seconds into the film. A good start. I also laughed continuously throughout and well into the extras.

The film begins with work colleagues Danny and Wheeler during a day’s work. The guys promote Minotaur, a flourescent green energy drink. They travel from school to school, talking about how drugs are bad, and Minotaur is good. Wheeler, a bit of a simple guy, is a ladies’ man and loves his job. Danny, on the other hand, suddenly realises he’s 35 years old and hasn’t done anything with his life, having worked in the same dead-end job for a decade. Things go from bad to worse for Danny when he argues with his girlfriend, who then dumps him, and finally crashes the Minotaur promotional truck. For dangerous driving, damage to property, etc, not surprisingly, the guys end up in trouble with the law. Danny’s ex is a lawyer who agrees to help them out – and as an alternative to 30 days in jail, Danny and Wheeler are sentenced to 150 hours community service. But instead of picking up litter and scrubbing graffiti, they’re sent to Sturdy Wings – a service which pairs up an adult (Big) and a child (Little) who then spend ‘quality time’ together. Cue recipe for disaster.

The rest of the film deals with what happens with Danny and Wheeler and their Littles. Both Littles are very unique, and the guys have their work cut out for them. Role Models comes to a very satisfying conclusion, with some real belly laughs in between. I love this film – it’s funny, heartwarming (in a weird kind of a way!) and hugely entertaining. And just to put a cherry on top of that – Paul Rudd looks DAMN hot dressed up as Star Child from Kiss! Yummy!

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