St Trinian’s

St Trinian’s is, without a doubt, one of the best films I’ve seen in a very long time. As soon as I saw the trailers I knew I had to see it, not least because of the lovely Colin Firth. Also starring Rupert Everett and Russell Brand, this film really is a riot.

For those that haven’t seen any of the other films, or read the books (I’ve done neither, but I will), St Trinian’s is basically a school jam packed to the rafters with mad teachers and naughty girls. The pupils’ biggest fear is being made to go to a normal school, where they will have to behave like young ladies, as opposed to the animals that they are. The humour in this film is how it’s bang up to date with trends in today’s teenagers. For example, groups of girls in the school include: Posh Totty, Emos, Chavs, Geeks and so on. And each group of girls has a character or two which play a main part of the action. It truly is hilarious.

The new education Minister (played by Firth) is determined to reform the school system in England, and he intends to start with the worst schools. St Trinian’s is easily the first one that springs to mind. Despite being an old flame of the headmistress, the Minister sets about bringing the school, and everyone in it, down. Cue much hilarity as he tries to spy and find out what exactly is going on behind closed doors.

As if things weren’t bad enough, the school is also in a financial crisis and the bank is threatening to close them down. The girls decide to take action themselves rather than relying on the grown ups. They plan to steal a famous painting from the National Gallery in London, and sell it to make enough money to save their school. So they draft a cunning plan using their feminine wiles and total lack of shame to get what they want.

I can’t really say too much else without giving the game away, but this really is a hilarious film. It’s rated a 12. There are some jokes in there that only older viewers will ‘get’ and it does make being criminal look ‘cool’ so I definitely wouldn’t let anyone younger see it. This really is a gem of a film. The acting is absolutely top notch, even Russell Brand who I’m not a big fan of, was fantastic. If you have a sense of humour, you will find this a scream. I can’t recommend it enough.

Oh, and Colin Firth fans have a particular reason to see this – you get to see his backside! Yum!

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