I wasn’t 100% sure about watching Stepbrothers given that I’m not a huge fan of Will Ferrell – he tends to take his clothes off rather too much for my liking. However, the trailers looked good and reviews cited the film as funny, so I thought there’d be no harm in giving it a go!

The plot of Stepbrothers is that when two single parents meet at a conference and fall for each other, resulting in a wedding, their respective sons are thrown together. But these are no ordinary sons. They are Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (John C. Reilly), two 40-year-old men that act like teenagers. Their long-suffering parents are at their wits’ end, both men are still living at home, and when they become stepbrothers and end up having to share a bedroom, things turn ugly very quickly. They start out by loathing each other which causes much angst for their parents. But, like real teenagers, they can be worst enemies one day, and best friends the next. The boys slowly start to bond over their shared interests and their parents heave a sigh of relief. But that’s before they realise the guys can cause more trouble now they’re best friends…

Overall, I wasn’t that impressed with Stepbrothers. There were a handful of moments where I laughed out loud, but it was more because of the stupidity of what was happening rather than with any real mirth. It was definitely ‘stupid humour.’ The film was really, really slow to start, to the extent that I almost turned it off, but it did start to warm up. But more lukewarm than very warm. The film did improve but not enough.

I’d say if you’re a fan of really, really stupid humour and the starring actors, you’ll probably get some mild amusement out of this film. Other than that, I wouldn’t bother. It’s an OK way to pass an hour or so, but there are much better ways!

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