With all the ‘teen’ films on the market today, you would be forgiven for rolling your eyes at the release of Superbad. The main attraction for me was that one of the writers is the same that worked on Knocked Up, which I thought was hilarious, if not a little disgusting (I mean, who really wants to see a woman giving birth – ergh!).

Anyway, Superbad is set at the end of the school year, and three friends are about to go their separate ways to college. But before they go they want to lose their virginity, which they believe will instantly make them studs in bed, ready to have some wild sex with college chicks. Evan, Seth and Fogell end up embarking on a madcap plan to get hold of some booze for a huge year-end party which will culminate in them getting laid.

Predictably, their plan goes wrong and Fogell, armed with his fake ID, gets punched out in a liquor store whilst trying to buy the alcohol. He’s terrified when the police turn up to question the store attendant and get his witness report. But he soon discovers these are no ordinary police officers…

After a totally mad evening in which Seth gets hit by a car, Evan almost blows his chances with his crush and Fogell catches a criminal, they finally get together at the party. But the disasters don’t stop there. The guys are definitely going to remember their graduation celebrations for a long time to come…

I didn’t think Superbad was on a par with Knocked Up at all. The best characters for me were the two completely barmy police officers, played by Seth Rogen (of Knocked Up) and Bill Hader. Don’t get me wrong, it was a really funny film and I enjoyed it, but there was quite a lot that could have been cut out at the end which would have made it better. The ending just seemed to drag and I found myself wondering how much longer before it finished.

However, don’t let my comments put you off. It’s definitely enjoyable and a great film to watch on a lazy night in, or when you’ve got friends round.

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