That 70s Show

Meet Eric, the horny teenager with a “hardass” father and a mother who is sweet but constantly embarrasses him, “precious little baby.”

Then there’s Hyde, the pot-smoking orphan who makes it his priority to show the guys how much cooler than them he is, when really he’s just destined for jail, or Alcoholics Anonymous.

Donna, Eric’s tomboy next door neighbour and love of his life has parents she’d rather not claim to own – they’re either arguing or making her hang her head in shame at their antics; including snogging, swinging and…

Then there’s super (stupid) stud Kelso, who sails close to the wind with his cheating ways, the “foreign kid” Fez, and the highly irritating rich girl Jackie.

Join the crazy crew on their journey through their teenage years. Laugh at Fez’s quaint quips, Kelso’s kinkiness, and Hyde’s dry humour. Cry as Eric breaks his mother’s heart, and hold your breath at those ‘will they/won’t they’ moments between Eric and Donna.

Above all – enjoy.

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