The Da Vinci Code

Sometimes I think it’s better to comment on things the second time around, and with this film, that’s definitely true. My introduction to The Da Vinci Code was firstly through the film, then the book. I had resisted all the hype for so long, then learning the release date for the film, I bought the book, intending to read it when I’d watched the film.

The first time I watched the film, I admit I got a little lost in all the puzzles and codes, and I forgot who what on which side, and so on. But this time I had a much better understanding, and therefore, I enjoyed the film loads more!

It’s definitely one of those films that catches your imagination, sending it off on crazy tangents… or at least it did mine. There’s everything in this film, tension, excitement, something to get your brain working, famous names… I mean with a cast including Tom Hanks and Sir Ian McKellen, you can’t go wrong really can you?

Oh, I tell a lie, the only thing this film is missing is some totty, but you can’t have everything can you?

Surrounded by controversy, constantly being slated yet also praised, this film, if you haven’t seen it, do. You’ll be hooked from start to finish, a more interesting and intriguing plot I haven’t seen/read in a long time. Brown has definitely opened a can of worms as of course there are being more and more similar works published on the back of his staggering success.

If you’re a reader, read the book too. But if you’re more of a film buff, this version does as much justice as a film can do to a book.

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