The Devil Wears Prada

I saw this at the cinema, and having recently watched the DVD, I can honestly say this is one of the best, and funniest films I’ve seen recently. Yes, even better than my beloved animated films!

Meryl Streep plays Miranda Priestley, scary editor-in-chief of Runway, an elite fashion magazine full skinny, high fashion girls. With a cold attitude and a stare to match, Priestley understandably has problems keeping staff. Enter Andrea (Anne Hathaway), a struggling journalist who’s only applied for the job to open doors, hopefully to work at The New Yorker someday. She’s frumpy with absolutely no sense of fashion and all the staff at Runway make no secret that they’re laughing at her, and they’re horrified when she’s given the job of Miranda’s second assistant.

Andrea is sent out willy-nilly on ridiculous errands, half of which she doesn’t understand; whether it be to pick up skirts, coffee, steak, or the latest (unpublished) Harry Potter novel. Despite the reduction of her free time (and consequently her friendships and relationships) to almost nothing, Andrea bravely battles on with her eye firmly fixed on her goal – work for Runway for a year and you can get a job on any publication in New York. She’s tempted to quit, and most would, but Andrea starts to see some things under the surface of Runway that change her mind. She makes some (reluctant) friends… and eventually realises her boss isn’t the tyrant she likes to make out. There’s a heart under that stone exterior, and it’s breaking.

After an almost-conversation the two women come to an understanding and their lives are never the same.

Overall, a fab film with Streep and Hathaway making it a work of genius with its brilliant comic timing. One for the guys too.

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