The Holiday

Having just read the reviews on Amazon before writing mine, I have to say I disagree with those giving negative reviews. Wholeheartedly disagree. I’m not saying it’s the best film on the planet (because let’s face it, what could beat The Lord of the Rings?), but it was a definite easy to watch chick flick. Having said that, my fella liked it too.

The action starts with two women on opposite sides of the Atlantic who are thoroughly pissed off with the men in their lives. Kate Winslet plays Iris, a victim of unrequited love with an ex-boyfriend she just can’t seem to get over (who incidentally, is played by Rufus Sewell, who I can’t stand. So I was on her side from the beginning, LOL). Finding out (last) that’s he’s getting engaged, Iris decides she needs to get away and reassess her life – she no longer wants to waste it pining for the man who will never love her back.

Beautiful American girl Amanda (Cameron Diaz) is also having man trouble, in the shape of a cheating boyfriend. After a pretty impressive punch, he’s out on his rear – leaving a livid Amanda to log onto the Internet looking for getaways.

Iris and Amanda meet through a home swapping website, and within a few hours they’re both on planes to swap places for a fortnight. Amanda arrives at a small remote cottage which is a considerable change from her huge house in L.A. Iris, however, is delighted by having her own swimming pool, and cool gadgets and gizmos.

Amanda hates ‘slumming it’ and is determined to return home, until she meets Iris’ brother (played by the delectable Jude Law) who stumbles into the cottage inebriated in the middle of the night. After an awkward introduction Graham stays the night as he’d originally intended. But what he hadn’t expected, instead of sleeping on his sister’s sofa, he stays in her bed with a hot American girl!

Iris doesn’t seem to have quite the same luck. Instead of hooking a hunk, she spends most of her time with a geriatric ex-screenwriter, and learns a lot about love and life. She does, however, make friends with Miles, a colleague of Amanda’s ex boyfriend.

Despite insisting it was just sex, Amanda and Graham embark on a romantic liason, knowing all along that Amanda is going back to the States in just a few days, leaving Graham free to spend time with the seemingly endless women calling his mobile. Iris and Miles spend purely platonic time together watching classic films, as Miles is seeing a beautiful actress who is away on location.

Things soon change however, when Amanda discovers that Graham’s “other women” calling him on his mobile are in fact his daughters, with his late wife. Miles discovers his girlfriend is seeing someone else, leaving him free to get closer to Iris.

Ex-boyfriends, daughters, cheating, every complication possible is thrown into the works of these two budding relationships, along with the glaringly obvious – the two couples live thousands of miles away. How can it possibly work? A big old mess ensues, leaving the messed-up four to work things through, in just two weeks.

How will things turn out? I’m not going to ruin it for you. I thought it was fab. It was a classic feel-good, gooey film, but it just had that something extra to some of the chick flicks out there now.

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