The House Bunny

After seeing the trailers for this film, it looked so silly I thought it was the ideal Saturday night trashy chick-flick, and I wasn’t wrong! Starring the pouty Anna Faris (of Scary Movie fame) as Shelley and Colin Hanks (son of Tom and star of Orange County and King Kong) as her love interest Oliver, The House Bunny is a giggle. Though it is just a giggle. I wouldn’t say it was a full-blown belly laugh.

It begins with lots of girly giggly fun in the Playboy Mansion, with celebrations for Shelley’s 27th birthday, which in case you didn’t know is actually 59 in bunny years. Things take a turn for the worse after her birthday when she discovers that she’s being kicked out of the mansion, for being too old. Hugh Hefner (yes, it’s really him – looking every one of his 83 years, and then some) writes her a letter saying she has to be out of the house in two hours. The blonde bombshell tearfully departs, and this is where the fun really begins.

After a few false starts, Shelley finds herself ending up as the house mother for a dying sorority, the Zetas. The reason, however, that their sorority is dying is because the girls are misfits. True individuals, the girls don’t care what anyone thinks and they just do their own thing. However, they’re not popular, and for that reason they’re not getting any pledges. If they don’t do something soon, they’ll lose their house. And this is where Shelley comes in, doing what she does best – being sexy.

After sexing-up the Zetas and organising some crazy events including scantily-clad car washes and virgin sacrifices at an Aztec party, the Zetas have never been more popular. Mission accomplished. However, in all her haste to sort out her new-found sisterhood, Shelley has forgotten about her own problems, until they come back and bite her on the bottom.

Overall, this isn’t a bad film. There’s nothing particularly original about it, and I wouldn’t say you must rush out to buy it, but if you see it on sale somewhere, get your hands on a copy. It’s an ideal girly night in film – not too much to think about, so you can talk and munch all the way through it and you’ll still get the gist.

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