The Lovers’ Guide Interactive

As a virgin (ahem) to The Lovers’ Guide, I had no idea what to expect, except that the series is intended to be more of an educational tool than sex scenes to arouse.

This new release is different to those that have gone before because it’s an Interactive DVD, meaning you can pick and choose which sections you want to watch, and in which order.

The DVD is broken down into several sections; Making Sex Better, Overcoming Problems, Facts & Information, Sex Quiz and Intercourse in 3D. Many of these sections are then broken down further, so if necessary, you can just watch which sections are relevant to you. Basically, though, this DVD is aimed at heterosexual couples. I can’t see there being much relevance for single or gay people.

It’s a great educational tool, though. If you’re inexperienced with sex in relationships, or sex in general, then there is a great deal of information here that you will find incredibly valuable. However, if you are experienced in the bedroom, then it’s likely to have you rolling your eyes and saying “Yeah, yeah!”

There’s a total abundance of information covering everything sex-related, right from masturbation through oral sex and intercourse. There’s even a fascinating section which shows what sex looks like from the inside – using the same machines used for giving pregnant women scans! The quiz is great fun to test you, particularly if you think you’re a bit of a know it all! You may find you’re not, after all.

In summary, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who’s after porn, you’re barking completely up the wrong tree. There are naked people doing naughty things, but there’s voiceover etc, and it’s not erotic, simply educational. This is ideal for a new couple looking to explore all aspects of their sex life, and I think it could be particularly useful for men who don’t want to read books. The quiz is an excellent way of testing if they’ve been paying attention, too! A couple of downsides were the inconsistency in sound volume, meaning I was constantly messing around with the remote control, and some video clips had poor recording quality.

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