The Tudors Series Two

I love this series. Accurate or not, it is compelling and fascinating. I think all of the characters are fantastic, and you feel what they’re feeling, and almost feel a part of the action. After the first series of The Tudors I knew that much of the second series wouldn’t be a surprise to me as Anne Boleyn’s demise is one of the most famous parts of Henry VIII’s story. However, I was still hanging on to every word, and every action throughout.

I was starting to grow a little tired of Catherine of Aragon by the beginning of this series, but (spoiler alert!) her death scene was incredibly touching, and I cried a little tear. I was almost sorry to see her go. However, her death then paved the way for a great deal more scandal and action – as the King was now free to marry Anne Boleyn.

I don’t want to say too much as I’ll be giving away loads, although if you’re familiar with this period in history it’s likely you’ll know the majority of what is going to happen. Obviously the writers have used creative licence with the “facts” but the big things happening in that time were all included. One thing that fascinated me was the changeability of the king. I wonder if it’s true how flighty he was? How he could love a woman so deeply that he was prepared to change the world for her, then when she failed to give him a son, completely turn against her and go back to his womanising ways? And also go from worshipping his daughters, to pushing them aside when he was no longer enamoured with their mothers? I know it was the way back then that women would just “put up and shut up” but I’d love to know if he really was that brutal and uncaring?

The only times when Henry seemed to show any emotion (other than lust!) were when he learned of Catherine’s death, and when he felt obliged to go through with having Thomas More executed. Otherwise, he’s portrayed as a cold-hearted, selfish man… which makes you wonder, did all his women really fall for him, or did they, like Anne Boleyn, crave power and riches?

As with the first series, I was glued to the screen from start to finish – and despite knowing what the grand finale would be, I was still on the edge of my seat. There’s an awful lot of emotion in this series, and also some really gruesome torture scenes. It’s certainly not family viewing, but I think those into these dramas will love it. Unless you’re so deeply into history that you’ll pick it to pieces because of inaccuracies. I’m a bit of a history bod (though not this particular period), but I just took it for what it was and thought it was fantastic. Bring on series 3! I could easily watch this until Henry gets through all of his wives!

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