The Water Horse

The Water Horse is based in Scotland, and more specifically, the area around Loch Ness. One day, lonely little boy Angus is searching for shells and things by the shore of the Loch, when he discovers what looks like a big egg-shaped rock. On closer investigation, he finds it is in fact an egg. Called away suddenly, he leaves the egg in his father’s workshop, and races off. The next time he comes back, he discovers the egg has hatched. On hunting high and low for what came out of the egg, Angus is confronted by a strange little creature. They quickly become friends. But as the creature grows enormously each time it eats, Angus finds it very difficult to keep his not-so-little friend a secret. Soon other people are enlisted to help keep Angus’ secret and protect the well-being of the creature, which they’ve now identified as what they believed was a fictional creature. However, as the water horse, Crusoe, grows and grows… so does the amount of trouble he causes!

I don’t want to say too much because I’ll give the game away, but this is a lovely film. I haven’t read the book, but it’s now on my hit list. It’s a very touching story about a lonely little boy refusing to acknowledge his father has been killed in military service during World War II, and he throws himself into other pursuits to forget his loss. He’s a sad little boy missing his daddy. His friendship with Crusoe is the perfect distraction, and the interaction between the two brought a tear to my eye more than once.

Overall, this is a fantastic, and somewhat underappreciated film. It didn’t make much of a splash (pardon the pun) at cinemas from what I gather, but I think it may do better on DVD as word gets out. This is a perfect family film, as parents will love it as much as kids, and also you’ll love it if you’re a big softie like me!! Excellent!

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