Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride

I’m a fan of Tim Burton’s films. I like the quirky style in this particular film, and his previous huge hits; Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The story begins with shy Victor, who is betrothed to be married. His bride to be is the beautiful Victoria, whose awful parents are desperate to have her married off as they are desperately poor, but equally desperate not to admit it. The irony of the situation being, Victor’s family is also penniless.

With ever increasing pressure from both sides of parents, the young couple are incredibly nervous. On meeting for the first time, however, they soon change their minds. Instantly smitten, the young lovers can’t wait to get married and get away from their crazy parents and begin a life together.

Victor, inexperienced in matters of the heart, craves a little alone time to practice a fitting proposal to his beautiful fiancée. Retreating to woods on the outskirts of the town, Victor composes and rehearses his words. Things don’t quite go to plan, though, as he suddenly finds himself the unwitting fiancée to a corpse! The bride from the underworld overheard his proposal, and thinking it was aimed at her, claimed poor Victor for her own, leaving the adorable Victoria bereft.

Dragged into the Land of the Dead, though it’s not as bad as he expected, Victor still becomes increasingly worried as nobody, least of all his second fiancée, seems to realise that he belongs above ground, with the living, and his beloved Victoria. His chances of escape looking bleak, Victor begins to devise a plan.

Victoria, meanwhile is distraught to discover the disappearance of her Victor, and even more so when rumours reach her ears that he has been spotted with another woman.

Torn between two women, Victor is at a loss. His one true love, Victoria seems unreachable as his corpse bride draws him deeper into the underworld, with no apparent way out. What will Victor do? Only one way to find out… watch it!

Seriously, though, it’s a fab film. With just the right mix of kookiness, dark humour and cool songs, you’ll be hooked from start to finish. Johnny Depp, particularly has the type of voice that makes you really listen. And I don’t even have a crush on him!

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is fun for all the family. As a PG, little ‘uns can watch it too. If you like Tim Burton, cartoons and dark humour, you’ll love this.

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