Product Review: Philips Personal Grooming Set

Philips Bikini TrimmerI get fed up with the unsexy lumps and bumps that come of shaving your bikini area, so when I was given the chance to try out this trimmer from Philips, I snatched their hand off!

The set is more than just a trimmer – it comes with six grooming attachments, allowing you to trim your bikini line, shave your legs and comb and trim your eyebrows. It’s rechargeable, with the charge lasting up to one hour. It can also be used wet or dry – perfect for the shower as you can wash away the hairs you’ve removed and not worry about the mess!

It’s very easy to use, just fiddle around with it and the attachments for a few minutes and you’ll soon have the hang of it. One thing I’d like to point out though – it’s definitely more for grooming your hair rather than removing it. If you’re an all off/completely smooth kind of a girl, I’d suggest hair removal cream or the traditional razor, this set just doesn’t give the same kind of effect which makes you feel like a sex goddess. So basically, this is a great product dependent on your exact needs.

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