Product Review: Philips Satinelle Ice Epilator

As someone who is a bit of a stickler for removing hairs, I’ve been using an epilator for a while. I hate the stubble that shaving leaves on your legs after just a day or so. Epilating is so much better as it lasts longer, and even when the hairs start to grow back, they’re much softer and finer. All you have to do is epilate probably once a week or fortnight dependent on how smooth you want to be – and that’s it. It’s much less maintenance, you just have to be prepared for a little pain. But that gets easier and easier the more you do it, as you’re removing less hairs at once. Plus, the Philips Satinelle Ice Epilator has made things even better!

This epilator is designed for sensitive skin. It’s ultra gentle and gives you extra TLC by giving you the option to use the ice cooler, as well as the aloe vera sonic massage. It’s curved to fit the shape of your body – which I found made it quicker to pick up the hairs, rather than having to keep going over the same piece of skin again and again. It’s much quieter than my old epilator too, which resembled a lawnmower!

The epilator also comes with an attachment which is for your bikini line. I was feeling brave, so gave it a try – and it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. If you can use it on your legs, you’ll be able to use it on your bikini line – much more effective than shaving, and without the unsightly lumps and bumps! Of course you may be a little red for a while, but just put plenty of cream on. Then when your skin gets used to regular epilation, it won’t be so bad. And well, it’s worth it for the smoothness!

Philips have thrown in a glove which helps exfoliate your skin before use, and made this model rechargeable! So you can use it either with or without the mains cords – which is fantastic – the last thing you want is a dead battery when you’ve only done one leg! I’d recommend you read the instructions regarding the battery though, they do recommend that the unit’s battery is flat before you plug it in, to conserve the overall life of the battery.

Overall, I’m really, really impressed with this epilator. I was happy with the results on my legs and bikini line, and had no qualms about ditching my old epilator. This one is far superior, and at just over £40 (current price on Amazon as I write this) it’s a fab price. You’ll make your money back in the end, with the savings on razor blades and shaving foam!

If you haven’t got an epilator at all, this is a fantastic first one, as it really does the job and minimises the pain. If you’ve already got one, I’d recommend an upgrade. It’s that good.

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