Sex Toy Review: Durex Play Ultra

I’ve had my eye on the new Durex range for quite a while. Given they do condoms so well, I figured they’d be good at sex toys too. And as cock rings go, this isn’t bad. The Durex Play Ultra isn’t what you’d call a ‘normal’ cock ring; that is, it doesn’t form a solid ring around the penis. If you can see from the photo, it kind of ‘hooks’ around the penis.

It’s quite strange to look at, the vibrating part looks like a miniature penis and it took us a while to work out which way round it went on! There’s a little booklet inside the box with full instructions, and you’ve basically got the choice whether you want it to stimulate the woman’s clitoris or perineum. Unlike most cock rings, this doesn’t do a great deal for the fella in terms of making his climax more powerful. Obviously he’ll enjoy the vibrations but because it’s not fully surrounding the shaft, it probably won’t delay or intensify his orgasm. Basically, this toy is mainly about the woman. The battery pack included lasts for 20 minutes, and there’s a spare one included. However, you’d better hope it doesn’t run out mid-shag because it’s so fiddly to get the battery changed that you’ll both be fed up by the time you’ve got a new one in!

It does give the product extra value for money, though. You’d be a bit annoyed about spending just over a tenner on something you can use for 20 minutes. Even at 40 minutes it’s still pricey, but still good fun.

Overall, not a bad little toy. The vibrations won’t blow you away, but for women that find it easy to climax, it’s a great way to spend your money.

Get it for £10.99 from LoveHoney: Click here.

Price correct at time of writing.

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