Sex Toy Review: Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring

You’d think that one cock ring couldn’t be that different from another, right? In this case, definitely wrong. The Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring comes in simple but attractive packaging, and retails at around £6.99. It’s single-use only and the battery lasts for around 20 minutes.

One thing that sets it apart from many cock rings tested of late is the fact that the ring itself isn’t very stretchy. Of course, it’s plenty stretchy enough to insert a penis but not enough to give the option of being worn around the scrotum too, I suspect it would cause discomfort. So for guys who prefer to wear cock rings around the scrotum, give this one a miss.

Despite this factor, everything else was fabulous. It was noticeably more powerful than many other cock rings, without sounding like a low-flying aircraft. This results in delighting the clitoris and vibrating the entire penis – cue beaming smiles all round.

And really, there’s not much else you can say about a cock ring. It’s powerful and it works! I do think that the price is pretty steep for a single use toy, but if you’re looking for that ‘wow’ factor or you’ve never tried a cock ring before, you’d do well to start here.

Buy it from LoveHoney for £6.99: Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring – price correct at time of writing.

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