Sex Toy Review: Emotional Bliss Womolia Heat

Emotional Bliss Womolia

The Emotional Bliss Womolia Heat is a strange beast. It comes in stylish, quality packaging and looks great. There’s a booklet in the box which not only tells you how to use the product, but how to set the mood for sexual encounters. It even goes so far to detail the four phases of female sexual response. So it’s nothing if not thorough.

However, the reality doesn’t quite measure up to the blurb. Yes, it’s pretty classy looking and powerful, but it does the massaging job much better than the mind-blowing orgasm one. It’s basically like the Womolia can’t decide what it wants to be – and for this reason, it fails dismally. I’m sure most women would prefer it to do one thing excellently than several things poorly. I know I certainly would.

The point of the toy is that the tip is  supposedly angled for perfectly stimulating the clitoris and the sensitive first two inches at the entrance of your vagina. This may be… but once it’s there, it needs to do something more than just attend. Even 45 different settings later and I was still confused – and no closer to orgasm.

Overall, this toy is a waste of time – unless you really are that desperate for a massage. Even the fact it’s rechargeable and covered in an anti-bacterial agent doesn’t do much to boost my opinion.

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