Sex Toy Review: Fun Factory SmartBalls Teneo Duo

Fun Factory SmartBalls Teneo DuoThe lovely lot at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium sent me some love eggs/love balls to try out. And here they are: the Fun Factory SmartBalls Teneo Duo. Yes, quite the mouthful… but that’s not where they go! 😉

No, these little babies are to put… well, up *there.* They have a couple of uses: they can tighten up your bits after childbirth; give you longer stronger orgasms; or they can make you feel a bit naughty. So really, they’re capable of multi-tasking and will make you smile.

Some women wear these as a game, that is, they’ll wear them out somewhere, and feel smug in the knowledge that they’re getting pleasure out of them and nobody else even knows they’re there! Or they’ll let on to their other half and enjoy the shocked reaction. Which, let’s be honest, will probably pretty quickly turn to arousal… so a bonus all round really!

I think the idea of love balls/eggs is great, but the reality isn’t so hot with this particular model. Normally, Fun Factory stuff is fab, and there’s no denying that these SmartBalls are really well made. It’s just that they’re not that comfortable. They feel sturdy, and the loop for removing them feels strong enough that it won’t snap if your lady bits give some resistance. However, the actual ‘balls’ are quite large, and not very smooth. For this reason they’re not very easy to insert and can scrape against your most delicate parts both on insertion and removal, which naturally isn’t ideal.

A shame, really, because the idea of exercise balls is great, and the manufacturer has a great reputation, it’s just this particular model doesn’t really live up to expectations. These might suit some women, but those of you who are like me and enjoy comfort, particularly in matters of the downstairs, you might want to give these a miss.

Check out the Fun Factory SmartBalls: Teneo Duo on Sh!’s website, or pop in and see them if you’re in the London area. They’re currently retailing at £16.

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