Sex Toy Review: LifeStyles A:Muse Personal Pleasure Massager

LifeStyles A:Muse Personal Pleasure MassagerDespite its relatively innocent name, the LifeStyles A:Muse Personal Pleasure Massager is far from it. This is one sweet-looking purple toy which really packs a punch!

It has five vibration types, each with three speeds, so there’s plenty to keep you busy right there! The A:Muse is great for playing with a partner, or alone. Its soft and smooth surface means that it’s perfectly suitable for massage, and equally fun for use on your more intimate areas.

It’s fairly quiet as vibrating toys go,  and only takes 2 x AAA batteries, which is amazing when you consider how powerful it is! It comes complete with a nice pouch, too.

Overall, I’d definitely say that the LifeStyles A:Muse Personal Pleasure Massager has more pluses than minuses – it’s versatile, powerful and super-orgasmic.

In fact, the only downside is that it was really difficult to get the cover off in order to get the batteries in. I followed the instructions to the letter and still struggled, resorting to a pair of scissors in the end (please don’t try this at home! 😉 ). So make sure you put the batteries in the toy well in advance of being ‘in the mood’ and you’ll be fine. Plus, the fun that’s to be had definitely makes it worth the trouble!

So if you’re looking for a new toy for your box and are tired of rabbits – this is perfect. Get yourself to Lovehoney and place your order pronto!

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