Sex Toy Review: Rudy Ring

Rudy RingsOn sourcing these for review from the manufacturer, I wasn’t aware that they are actually supposed to be for gay couples – I expect their PR Manager was very confused! Anyway, the Rudy Ring is a stretchy silicone cock ring with a seam down the middle – hence the sharing factor. As a heterosexual female, though, this didn’t apply. So my other half and I just split it down the seam and used it the way straight couples do! I did get sent two, though, so maybe next time we won’t split it and just use it for ‘extra support’ as per the manufacturer’s website. On to the review…

The Rudy Ring is, as promised, a stretchy ring. It’s too large to just be worn around the penis, unless you twist it around, but then you’d be in danger of it being too tight and your fella ending up in A&E or something! Its size is ideal to be placed over the penis and the ball-sack, further delaying ejaculation. I have it on good authority that it was comfortable to wear; and from a female perspective it didn’t chafe my bits. It did, however, rub against my clitoris when indulging in woman-on-top penetration, but because the material is so soft, it was definitely a pleasurable sensation!

A non-vibrating cock ring such as this one doesn’t give direct pleasure to the woman (except for the aforementioned point), but it does obviously delay ejaculation for the man – enabling him to go faster and harder (should you want him to!) whilst engaging in sex. It also has the added bonus of trapping more blood in the genitals, keeping him harder, and also providing a more explosive climax when it does arrive. Therefore, it indirectly gives pleasure to the woman because her bloke is harder and can last longer – brownie points all round I’d say!

The rings don’t come cheap for what they are, but because of their material there’s nothing stopping you washing them and re-using them again and again – which does give them an edge over their vibrating counterparts whose batteries usually aren’t replaceable.

If you want to give them a try, grab yours now from LoveHoney.co.uk.

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