Sex Toy Review: The Lick

The LickWhen I first saw The Lick I thought it was a little cheesy-looking. Despite this and it’s even cheesier name, this toy certainly does the job. It doesn’t lick you, of course, but its unique design means that the pointy curl at the tip of the toy can be applied wherever you want it, and the vibrations will be precisely where you want them!

This is great, even for vibration queens. The Lick is powered by a removable vibrating bullet so it does only have one setting, but it’s a powerful one! The design also means you can take your little friend into the shower for some fun!

There’s not really much else I can say about this toy. It’s a little odd to look at, but the precision tip means you can train it on your sweet spot and enjoy your orgasm! The downside is the bullet is powered by ‘N’ batteries which I tend to find run out quickly and are difficult and quite expensive to get hold of. Otherwise, though, this is great. Perfect to slip into the side pocket of your handbag when you’re going away, though perhaps not so subtle if it’s discovered.

Click here to get one for just £18.99 (includes battery)!

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