Sex Toy Review: Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit

laylaarticheslimlinerabbitThose lovely folk from SweetSutra.com sent me the Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit to review, so many thanks go to them. Without further ado, here’s my write-up:

The Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit makes a very good first impression – the packaging is of good quality and is attractive. Once opened, the toy itself is very nice-looking and the instruction leaflet that comes with it is really well-presented.

The Layla takes three AAA batteries, which are easy to fit, you just twist the very base of the toy and remove the end, put the batteries into the holder, then put it back and secure the base once more. Then Layla is ready to go. To switch it on, there’s a separate button, and then you select the settings for vibration and rotation. The rotation/pulsation has three speeds, and the bunny ears three speeds and also some escalating settings, too. The best thing to do is just play with the settings to see what suits you best.

The shaft itself is slim, so ideal for beginners or those that just prefer a smaller toy. The ears aren’t overly rigid, and I was concerned that for that reason, it wouldn’t do the job, but I’m pleased to report that it did. A tad noisily, I’ll grant you, so not a toy to be used if there’s someone else in the house, but it had the desired effect.

Another bonus is that the Layla is waterproof. I didn’t test this aspect out, but I can attest to the fact that the toy is very well-made, the base looks suitably watertight and I’m sure it would be a great companion in the bath or shower.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit. It’s attractive, it’s versatile, it packs an orgasmic punch and is of high quality. The only downside is the price, but if you want to pay for something that does the job, does it well, and will last a long time, then why not treat yourself?

Sold? Grab yours here.

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