Sunday Snog – A French Affair

Sunday Snog

In Too DeepIt’s time for another Sunday Snog. I’m recycling this one from a while back, but with good reason. A French Affair, which has been a standalone novella for some time, is also now available in the In Too Deep anthology. You can bag A French Affair plus two other erotic romance novellas for a bargain price. It’ll also be available in paperback format from January. Enjoy the snog!

“Yes, I’m positively quaking in my boots,” Sydney replied dryly. “But thanks anyway, I feel much better knowing you’re looking out for me.”

“I’m doing more than that,” he said quickly.


“Yeah. I’m wishing I could kiss you.”


“Can I?”

“Now? Here?”

“Why not? It’s pretty romantic.”

“But people will see.”

“No one will care. This is Paris—they’re all smutty and sex-mad.”

“Really? In that case, that would be lovely.” She twisted her upper body to face him, leaning to meet him halfway. She kept her eyes open a little while, wanting to see his expression, but he quickly got so close he grew blurry, so she squeezed her lids shut. Opening her mouth slightly, a thrill ran through her as she felt his breath against her lips, then finally his mouth on hers. It was tentative at first—she remembered he was as out of practice as she was, even more so in fact—then he clearly grew more comfortable, more confident. His gentle movements grew more passionate, his lips taking hers as though he wanted nothing more in the world than to be kissing her. She certainly hoped that was the case, as it was the way she felt.

Eventually, the relatively chaste kissing was not enough. Harry slipped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her harder onto him and plunged his tongue between her lips. She had to work hard not to let a moan escape—she was sure the people around them were getting enough of a show without her making noises like she was in a porno. Instead, she shifted her own hand to mirror his, tangling her fingers into the thick hair at the nape of his neck and tugging it slightly.

He reacted by kissing her harder, his tongue slipping sensuously against hers, doing a little dance and exploring every sensitive millimetre of her mouth and lips. She was in serious danger of melting into a puddle of lust and being soaked up into the Parisian soil beneath them. Determined to hold her own, she kissed with as much fervour as he, forcing his tongue back into his mouth with hers and returning the favour.

Soon, she became horribly aware that if they continued, they’d be likely to get carried away and end up being arrested for indecent exposure.

You can get your hands on In Too Deep here.

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