Sunday Snog – A Menu with a Difference

Sunday Snog

A Menu with a DifferenceI have literally run out of new snogs (though I have lots of upcoming releases so hopefully that will be rectified soon!) so I’ve had to recycle an older one. I don’t think you’ll mind though. Here’s a snog-tastic snippet from my erotic short story with threesome action, A Menu with a Difference.

I looked at Jed and thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head as he watched Tamara lean in to kiss me. I closed my eyes as our lips touched. I was a little hesitant at first, unsure if I was going to like it. But a couple of seconds later I realized everything was going to be just fine. I slid my arms around Tamara and our kiss deepened.

She pushed her tongue between my lips. She’d obviously noticed that I was now feeling much more comfortable. Letting the mood take me, I dashed my tongue out to meet hers, and they caressed, just as our bodies were doing.

Tamara tangled a hand in my hair and pulled my head back. Then she began an assault on my throat, peppering it with butterfly kisses and little nibbles. By now my pussy was getting seriously hot and sticky, and I wanted release. She was kneading my ass with her other hand, and I couldn’t help but wish she’d just stick it inside my panties and bring me off.

Suddenly, Tamara pulled away. Biting back a moan, I followed her eye line. Jed stood beside us in just his boxer shorts. His cock was clearly desperate to come out and play. A tiny wet patch was visible on his underwear—evidence of his arousal. He palmed his cock through the material, his gaze flitting between Tamara and me.

“Are you feeling left out sweetie? Sorry. Come on, Annette. Let’s give Jed a proper thank you for our gifts.”

You can get your hands on this dirty little book here.

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