Sunday Snog – A Problem with Authority

Sunday Snog

Coming Together: In The TrenchesWelcome back to Sunday Snog. I’m sharing another snippet from A Problem with Authority, which appears in Coming Together: In The Trenches. The anthology is available now in print and eBook format and is already selling well. Be warned, though, this is a seriously, seriously hot snog.

Capturing her lips once more, he poured everything he had into pleasuring her. A long, hard, sensual kiss. Varying movements on her bud, and alternate fast and shallow, then slow and deep pumps of his cock. He’d find out what worked for her and exploit it to the extreme. In the meantime, he had to hang on to his own orgasm. He would not come until she did. Absolutely not.

Soon, he found the perfect formula. Suckling on her bottom lip, he pressed hard on her clit and fucked her fast and furiously. Her moans grew louder, then quieter as she remembered where she was. It wouldn’t do either of them any good to get caught.

Suddenly, Roxanne’s internal walls gripped him so hard he thought she’d pull his cock off. The pressure was intense, constant. Then she pulled her face away from his, yanked the collar of her shirt into her mouth and bit down as she tumbled into bliss.

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