Sunday Snog – Another Dance

Sunday Snog

Love's RepriseWelcome back to Sunday Snog. This week, I’m sharing another sexy Sapphic snog from my story, Another Dance, which appears in the just-released lesbian erotic romance anthology, Love’s RepriseIt also features stories from Cassandre Dayne, Olivia Starke, Kate Richards and Anastasia Vitsky.

Janine’s grip on the back of Eden’s neck tightened, bringing their faces ever closer, their lips mashing together. Their teeth clashed, but they barely noticed. They continued kissing like there was no tomorrow, like they’d never see each other again.

Eden had never felt so turned on in her life. She’d been with a couple of guys, but they hadn’t aroused her so much with foreplay and full sex as Janine did with just a kiss. And it wasn’t as if Janine was massively experienced, either. Their experience was about on par, and yet, here they were, doing this.

They carried on for a minute or two, their tongues tangling together as the rest of the world paled into insignificance. Eden knew, suddenly, that even a lifetime of this would not be enough. She wanted her friend more than she’d ever wanted anyone.

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