Sunday Snog – Another Dance

Sunday Snog

Love's RepriseWelcome back to Sunday Snog. This week, I’m sharing a sexy Sapphic snog from my story, Another Dance, which appears in the just-released lesbian erotic romance anthology, Love’s RepriseIt also features stories from Cassandre Dayne, Olivia Starke, Kate Richards and Anastasia Vitsky.

Just as she had that thought, the boys started talking to one another, and made to move away. She couldn’t allow that—Janine had wanted to get their attention and Eden was going to make damn sure they kept it.

Shifting her hand back up, she placed it behind Janine’s neck and pulled her friend toward her. She saw, just for a split second, the look of utter surprise on her face before Eden closed her eyes and pressed her lips against Janine’s.

Deep down, she knew she was kissing her friend for another reason, but on the surface she maintained that it was essential to keep playing their little game with the lads in the dark t-shirts.

Janine hadn’t pulled away or screamed blue murder, so Eden pressed her lips harder onto her friend’s for a few seconds longer before opening them and attempting to push her tongue into Janine’s mouth. Janine allowed it, parting for her, then paused for a second before returning the kiss with enthusiasm.

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