Sunday Snog – Bite with Height

Sunday Snog

Bite with HeightHere’s a very sexy and naughty snog from my best-selling, award-winning lesbian erotic romance story, Bite with Height.

Meg looked up and met Grace’s eyes. She looked sad, yet understanding.

In an attempt to shake the depressing tone the conversation had taken on, Meg joked, “You ever kissed a girl?”

A shocked expression crossed Grace’s face. “What? Didn’t you hear me say that I didn’t have much to compare my ex to? That includes the opposite sex.”

“Want to try it?”


“Kissing a girl.” Meg moved closer to Grace, looking her in the eye.

“I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it.”

“Well, maybe now’s the time to think about it. Perhaps the reason lover boy didn’t float your boat was because he had the wrong equipment. Perhaps you’ve liked girls all along, but never realized it.”

“How is that possible?” Grace’s eyes took on a faraway look, as though thinking about what Meg had said.

“I don’t know, but it could be. Look, in all seriousness Grace, I like you. I like you a lot. If you just want to be friends, I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll live with it. If you want to take things further, then great. I’m not pushing you either way.”

Grace looked at Meg, and their eyes met. A tense moment passed. Meg’s gaze dropped to Grace’s lips, but she was too scared to make a move for fear of alienating her for good. Seconds later, it appeared Grace had made her choice.

Moving quickly enough to startle even Meg, Grace leaned forward and kissed her friend. It was chaste to begin with, but soon Grace pressed her lips harder to the other girl’s soft mouth.

Meg thought all her birthdays had come at once, and for a vamp who was almost two hundred years old, that was a lot of birthdays. Slipping her arms around Grace, she pulled her closer and returned the kiss. The other girl didn’t resist, so she took the plunge and coaxed her tongue into Grace’s mouth, willing her fangs to stay hidden. Grace would be freaked enough already without her going all vamp-tastic.

Just as the lust factor was really ramping up, Meg felt some resistance from Grace.

She loosened her grip and pulled away. “What’s the matter?”

Grace, flushed of face, blurted “Are you going to turn me?!” She backed up further.

“What?! What makes you say that?” Meg didn’t move, not wanting to risk Grace panicking.

“You said you were lonely. Then it turns out you like me. Really like me. Were you planning on turning me just so you’d have someone to spend time with?” Mistrust crossed her face, which to Meg felt like a stake through the heart.

“I’m shocked that you would even think that. Hurt, actually. No, I wasn’t planning on turning you. I wasn’t ‘planning’ on anything. You just caught my eye in Starbucks, and I felt like I had to know you, know your story.”

She stepped toward Grace, who shrunk away the tiniest amount.

“You looked so out of place and uncomfortable. There was no ulterior motive, Grace, I promise. I would never do anything without your consent. I’m not the bad guy, remember?”

Grace had the good sense to look abashed. “I’m sorry. I’m just paranoid, I guess.”

“Glad to see you were so into our kiss that you were thinking of anything but.” She quirked an eyebrow wryly.

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  1. Victoria Blisse

    July 1, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Love the birthdays comment! Great snog as always!