Sunday Snog – Desert Heat

Sunday Snog

Unconditional SurrenderIt’s time for another Sunday Snog, yay! This week, I’m sharing another snog from my m/m military novella, Desert Heat, part of the Unconditional Surrender bundle. It’s out now, and if you like a bargain, I’d recommend grabbing it now as it’s $0.99/77p, and this price is due to increase on the 21st October!

Wilkes kissed Balkhi harder, pouring every ounce of need he felt into it, gratified to feel that need returned. He reached out and grasped Balkhi’s buttocks, rutting against him. The other man removed his hand from Wilkes’ cock and echoed the movement, allowing their shafts to rub and press against each other. Slicks of pre-cum painted their torsos, but neither of them cared.

Twisting his head away, Wilkes murmured, “Rustam? Get the condom and lube. I need to fuck you, now.”

“You need to fuck me?”

Wilkes quirked an eyebrow. “Uh, yeah? Why?”

“Well, what about me?”

Chuckling, Wilkes said, “We’ll have to take it in turns. You like it both ways, huh?”

Balkhi nodded.

A growl rumbled low in Wilkes’ throat, and he gave a sharp nip to Balkhi’s earlobe. “That just makes you even more perfect.”

“If you get to go first,” the Afghan replied, “then you have to promise you’ll let me go right after you. I already feel as though I’m going to explode.”

Wilkes nodded frantically. Honestly, he’d have sold his granny to get his cock inside that delicious arse at that moment. “Okay, okay. Get another condom and lube out of my bag then, so we’re ready. I don’t think I can wait any longer.”

A flurry of movement, and Balkhi was back, a grin on his face. “Here,” he said, tossing the items onto Wilkes’ chest. “Now hurry. Please.”

Wilkes didn’t need to be told twice. Sitting up, he grabbed his cock, stroking from root to tip a couple of times, before grabbing a foil packet and opening it. Discarding the wrapper, he rolled the protection on, closing his eyes for a second as he heard a gasp from Balkhi. God damn it, if he carried on like that, he was going to come before he even got inside him.

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