Sunday Snog – Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills

Sunday Snog

Flesh Spills and Secret ThrillsHere’s a very sexy and naughty snog from my rubenesque story, Miri on the Wall, which appears in the Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills anthology, which contains two stories each from myself and Victoria Blisse. I’ve used this snog before, but I have two new releases coming very soon, so I’ll share snogs from those soon, promise!

Lowering his face to hers, Callum captured Miri’s luscious mouth in a heated kiss so that as much of their bodies were connectedas possible. His tongue plundered her mouth passionately and hungrily, as his cock and his hips teased them both to orgasm.

The combination of months of unrequited lust and Miri’s previous climax meant meant it wasn’t too long before, they were both on the edge.

“Miri,” Callum grunted, gritting his teeth with concentration.

“I know,” she said, cutting him off. “Me too.”

Redoubling his efforts, Callum’s hips pumped back and forth, causing the sofa to squeak and Miri’s tits to jiggle with each thrust. That sight, and a glance at the pleasure on her face, finished him off. Her second orgasm followed swiftly after his first, and the spasming clutch around his cock caused him to yell her name. She smiled in
response, the expression in her eyes soft.

Minutes later, cradled in her arms, his head on her luscious chest, Callum didn’t think he’d ever been so happy.

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