Sunday Snog – Grand Slam

Sunday Snog

Grand SlamI’m still ridiculously excited about the release of Grand Slam, a BDSM erotic romance novel with a sporty twist! What can I say? I’m a sucker for the characters, the storyline… the list goes on. And if you’ve been enjoying the US Open, this is the perfect accompaniment!

He latched on to my neck, kissing, biting, sucking. I arched for more, more of everything he could give me and was thankful for his solid weight preventing me from completely losing myself.

“Ah yeah, babe,” he groaned, releasing my neck and nibbling his way toward my mouth. His breaths were blowing like a gale, his chest rising and falling hard against mine. “I think we can safely say… You’re a most excellent student.”

I giggled, found his mouth and kissed him, hard, passionately, thoroughly, to show him that I absolutely approved of his teaching techniques. There was no one better than Travis Connolly. He was number one in the world at more things than just tennis.

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