Sunday Snog – Grand Slam

Sunday Snog

Grand SlamHere’s another sultry snog from Grand Slam, an erotic romance novel with a sporty twist! Hunky, alpha male tennis players, what could be better? 😉

“Crap, that’s too good,” he groaned, suddenly spinning, forcing me to release him. “You want me on my knees again?”

He kissed me, shoving his tongue into my mouth, sweeping around ’til he found mine.

I gave as good as I got, holding him to me tight, again not caring about water or cum stains on my dress.

Another shiver of pleasure attacked his body and I squeezed him to me tighter.

He slid his fingers into my hair, holding me firm as his kiss intensified. I hadn’t orgasmed but I was tingling all over, my knees weak, my breaths hard to catch.

Eventually he pulled away but kept his lips hovering over mine. “You’re making me break rules,” he said with a shake of his head.

“I get the feeling you’ve always been a rule breaker, Travis. I don’t think I have anything to do with it.”

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