Sunday Snog – Grand Slam

Sunday Snog

Grand SlamThis will be the snog from Grand Slam that I share for a while, as I have a new release coming this week, and next week’s snog, which is the 100th Sunday Snog, is dedicated to that new book.

I cupped my hands around her face and gave her a kiss so heartfelt that it made my cock stir in my shorts and my heart pound so hard I thought it would explode from my chest. “You, my darling, have nothing to be scared of. I will never, ever, intentionally hurt you, except in the bedroom, of course.” I winked at that so she couldn’t mistake my intent. “And as I’ve already said, I will make you happy or die trying. I fucking love you, Marie Sherratt. Will you just give me a chance? If it doesn’t work out and we end up wanting to throttle each other, at least we’ll have tried. And we’ll never know otherwise, will we?”

She grabbed my head and pulled me back down for another kiss. Her tongue swept into my mouth with such ardor that blood filled my cock at an alarming speed. If she didn’t stop soon, our conversation would be over because I’d throw her on the floor, grab another condom from the drawer and fuck her until she screamed.

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  1. Normandie Alleman

    September 15, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    That is one passionate man! Love this excerpt.