Sunday Snog – Her Majesty’s Back Garden

Sunday Snog

Sex in LondonHere’s a snog-tastic snippet from my latest release, Her Majesty’s Back Garden, which appears in Sex in London, edited by Elizabeth Coldwell.

I looked around. There was plenty of cover on three sides of us, and on the fourth was a very high wall – which I presumed was the perimeter wall for the estate. The hustle and bustle of London lay just beyond. I continued to examine the area, convinced there were security cameras hanging from every other branch, and snipers on all the others. If there were, I couldn’t see them, so I turned to Gavin and grinned, my horniness overriding any misgivings.


“Okay,” I said, “let’s do this!”


He responded by walking towards me, grabbing my hips and backing me up to a tree. I was trapped between rough bark and my husband’s hard body. It was lush. Then he kissed me again, and if I’d thought the snog on the bench was hot; that was nothing. Gavin seemed to pour every ounce of passion and need he had into that kiss, and I could do nothing but enjoy it. And that was just fine.


I reached around and grabbed Gavin’s muscular ass cheeks, and pulled him even more tightly to me. His eager erection pressed insistently into my stomach, and I had to concentrate hard on not moaning with pleasure.


Gavin’s tongue pushed against my lips, and I opened my mouth eagerly to admit it. It slipped sensually against my own, twisting, tickling and mock-fighting until I was almost weak with lust. He shifted his hands from my hips and cupped my face, and then proceeded to suck and nibble at my bottom lip until my pussy throbbed and my clit ached, desperate for attention.


But it seemed that despite our precarious position, Gavin was in no rush to get full on down and dirty. When I thought about exactly what our position was, thrills of excitement ran through my body. It was crazy, yet incredibly arousing. What would happen if we got caught? I had some vague information in my head about indecent exposure which could lead to arrest. But this was a special circumstance—we were in the Queen’s back garden, for fuck’s sake! Would that make the crime even graver? Would we be dragged before the monarch herself to be given a punishment befitting the offense?

You can get your hands on Sex in London here.

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