Sunday Snog – Illicit Relations

Sunday Snog

Illicit RelationsIt’s time for another Sunday Snog and more tantalising lip action from my brand new release, Illicit Relations, a m/m erotic romance novella. It was just published by Ellora’s Cave as part of their Boys Will Do Boys series. Enjoy!

“Who cares? We’ve got lots of lost time to make up for, haven’t we? I think we should start right now. So if you agree, kiss me.”

“With pleasure.” Terry reached up and pushed his fingers into Justin’s thick blond hair—it was just as soft as he’d always imagined—and used it to pull the other man’s head down to his. Immediately their lips sought one another and Terry allowed himself to be carried away on waves of bliss as he kissed the man he was in love with. Even better, the man who loved him back.

He could still hardly believe it. But he’d have to get used to it quickly, as he had to find room in his brain, in his emotions, to come to terms with the fact that he was adopted. Then he had to speak with Justin about coming out together. The way he’d imagined it so many times, without being able to figure out if the family would be happy, indifferent or disgusted. His mum and dad were okay with it, though, and that was all that really mattered. They were the most important.

He shoved all such thoughts from his brain and just concentrated on the present. He moved his hands and mouth at the same time—his hands to roam up and down Justin’s muscular back, albeit over his T-shirt, and his mouth to wander down his jaw, covered with blond fuzz, and to tease and nibble the delicate skin of his throat.

You can get your hands on Illicit Relations here.

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