Sunday Snog – Illicit Relations

Sunday Snog

Illicit RelationsIt’s time for another Sunday Snog. And this time it’s tantalising lip action from my brand new release, Illicit Relations, a m/m erotic romance novella. It was just published by Ellora’s Cave as part of their Boys Will Do Boys series. Enjoy!

He didn’t need to make the first move. He was still thinking dirty thoughts when rough hands gripped his head and held it still while an equally rough mouth captured his.

His first thought—finally. His second—fuuuck! Shortly afterward, his mind went blank of anything but arousal—of anything but want, need, desire. It grew rapidly as their lips melded, their tongues battled and explored and their hands wandered. Before long, Terry had a firm bum cheek in each hand and wanted nothing more than to render them naked and push his tongue between them, to taste, tease and lubricate the tight hole before pressing his cock past its resistance and deep inside Justin. He couldn’t of course—not here, not now. Their entire family was out there, including lots of impressionable young minds. They’d have to stick to slightly more innocent pursuits.

There was nothing innocent about their passion, however—their eager lips, the way they fit together so well, so perfectly. He was consumed—the fact he was kissing a man at all was new, never mind the one he’d been in love with since he was old enough to know what love really meant. He had to fight incredibly hard to hold on to his rational thoughts, to hold back, prevent himself from going too far.

Eventually the fire between them grew so hot, so powerful, that they had to pull away before they got burned. Gasps and murmured expletives filled the air.

“So,” Terry panted, “does this mean you’re willing to give it a go? You’re not bothered if it doesn’t work out and we end up splitting up?”

Justin said nothing. His eyelids were hooded, the orbs beneath still full of intensity, of lust. Of want. In lieu of a reply, he grabbed Terry’s hand and pressed it over his hard cock. After a beat he said, “What do you think?”

Terry yanked his hand away, surprising even himself. “That’s not enough, Justin. I don’t just want a fuck. I can get a fuck anywhere. I want us to be together, to make a go of a proper relationship. I know it’s not going to be easy, but…I love you.”

There, he’d done it now. Bared his soul, put his heart on his sleeve.

You can get your hands on Illicit Relations here.

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