Sunday Snog – Just Couldn’t Wait (And a F*R*E*E*B*I*E)

Sunday Snog

Uniform BehaviourIn honour of Armed Forces Day, which took place yesterday in the UK, I’m featuring my story from Uniform Behaviour as my Sunday Snog. And that’s not all… the publisher kindly consented to make the book free on All Romance eBooks, too. So grab your copy quick!

Taking another sip of fizz, she put the bottle back on the desk and stepped towards Sam. She  pushed him towards the desk until the edge hit his legs. He sat down, putting him at a much more manageable height. Then she kissed him. He tasted of champagne and smelled of a subtle but masculine scent. He slipped his arms beneath hers, grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. His strength had put her a little off-balance and her instinct was to grab his biceps to steady herself. It didn’t work. Carla’s fingers had encountered solid muscle – and plenty of it, which resulted in her feeling all the more giddy. Was there no end to this guy’s perfection?

Still grasping one of his arms and squeezing – subtly, she hoped – she moved her other hand to his hair. Carla had always had a thing for guys with long hair. Too often though, guys either had awful pony tails or greasy locks – hardly a turn-on. Not so with Sam. His hair was clean and soft, ideal for tangling fingers into. So that’s what she did, using her grip as leverage to deepen their kiss. He responded by looping his hands together behind her back, completely enveloping her in his arms. Just as well, really, as the mixture of champagne and lust was turning Carla into a weak-kneed mess.

Realising neither of them was really in control of the situation any more, Carla decided to relax and just go with the flow. Their tongues explored one another’s mouths and their hands were wandering. Carla slipped her hand from Sam’s hair downwards. She briefly fiddled with his bow tie, grinning to herself as she remembered what he was wearing, then trailed her hand down his chest and torso. She encountered more muscle. He was definitely hiding a nice firm body beneath that outfit.

You can get your hands on Uniform Behaviour here.

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