Sunday Snog – Mean Girls

Sunday Snog

Mean GirlsWelcome back to Sunday Snog. I’d like to share another snog from Mean Girls, my recently released Rubenesque erotic romance novella.

Immediately she shoved him up against said door and stood on tiptoes so she could kiss him. He quickly realized her dilemma and slid down so their heights were similar and they could comfortably lock lips. Then they did exactly that, resuming the heated caress they’d been enjoying in the park before they’d been so rudely interrupted.

Dropping her keys on the floor, Adele slid her hands under Oliver’s T-shirt, moaning into his mouth as her fingertips swept over the hard lumps of his six-pack. They traveled higher, up to the liberal sprinkling of hair on his pectorals. She grabbed and tugged the hairs ever so lightly, grinning against his lips as he grunted and jerked his hips toward her. His nipples were the next thing she touched, pinching them between thumb and forefinger, twisting them and pulling them a little until he pushed her away.

“You’re driving me crazy, woman. In a good way. Now please forgive me for being so blunt, but how about we go upstairs and get naked and horizontal?”

Adele didn’t reply. Instead she pressed a long, lingering kiss to his lips, then turned and walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. By the time she’d drawn the curtains and kicked off her shoes, Oliver had joined her and was leaning against the doorframe, watching her with a predatory expression.

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