Sunday Snog – Mean Girls

Sunday Snog

Mean GirlsWelcome back to Sunday Snog. I’d like to share another snog from Mean Girls, my recently released Rubenesque erotic romance novella.

Their lips met once more, and Oliver’s cock twitched in response. His blood was rushing through his veins at a million miles an hour, and he reveled in the sensation of having Adele on top of him. Far from feeling crushed, he loved the fact that her weight was substantial, not for a second letting him forget she was there, her abundant and beautiful curves pressed up against him. He looked forward to exploring them, particularly when they were both naked.

Adele’s tongue brushed against his lip, and he opened his mouth to admit it once more. Her movements had become more frenzied, more eager, and he suspected she was just as turned on by the situation as he was. He hoped so, anyway.
By now, his dick had grown so stiff that it pressed insistently against the inside of his boxer shorts, being relentlessly stimulated by the wriggles of the woman on top of him. If he were a magician, he’d definitely have magicked their clothes off and buried his shaft deep inside her pussy. For now, though, he was perfectly happy to continue snogging like horny teenagers.

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