Sunday Snog – Meet Me at the Spanish Steps

Sunday Snog

The Perfect DomHi everyone. Here’s a kiss plucked from the smutty pages of my latest release, The Perfect Dom. It’s an erotic anthology with a BDSM theme, so is very kinky and there’s not an awful lot of snogging, but I managed to find this one from Meet Me at the Spanish Steps. Enjoy!

I frowned, wondering what was ‘up’ from here. It was a public access area, so it obviously didn’t lead to any private dwellings or premises. Seconds later, the lift pinged its arrival, and, always the gentleman, William indicated I should go ahead of him. As soon as the doors closed—mercifully we hadn’t been joined by anyone else—he was upon me.


His hands grabbed my hips and pushed me against the grubby, graffiti-covered metal wall of the lift. Pinning me there with his entire body—and I certainly didn’t miss the fact that there was an eager erection pressing into my stomach—he leaned down to kiss me. Only it wasn’t just any kiss. It was the kiss I’d been craving for months. It was rough, possessive, and so erotic that I was glad he was holding me up, otherwise my knees probably would have given out.


William’s agile tongue continued to plunder my mouth until the lift slowed to a stop. Instantly, he stepped away from me. As soon as the doors opened, he grabbed my hand and all but marched out, pulling me breathless and gaping behind him. I barely had time to register that we were now at the square at the top of the Spanish Steps before I was led quickly past the artists and flower sellers, then past the church and down the street opposite.

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