Sunday Snog – Stately Pleasures

Sunday Snog

Stately PleasuresIt’s time for another Sunday Snog, and I’m sharing another snog from Stately Pleasures. This is getting pretty close to the end of the book. Enjoy! 😉

She played with their dicks for a while longer, then removed her hands – smiling as they groaned their disappointment – and crawled up the bed. Figuring that because she’d used her left hand on Jeremy, he hadn’t had such a skilful stroke, she leant down and kissed him first. Her lips pressed against his, softly, then she slipped her tongue into his mouth and gave it everything she had. She possessed his mouth the way he had hers so many times, tangling her tongue with his; fighting, loving, enjoying. Cupping his face, she deepened the kiss, her jaw working faster, tongue moving more excitedly until she could hardly breathe. She pulled away with a gasp, and was gratified to see that Jeremy looked as lust-dazed as she felt. They stared at one another, shell-shocked, and Alice had to fight the three words that were on the tip of her tongue, threatening to be voiced. Quickly, she pressed an altogether more chaste kiss to his swollen lips before moving over to give Ethan the same treatment.

You can get your hands on Stately Pleasures here.

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