Sunday Snog – Stately Pleasures

Sunday Snog

Illicit RelationsIt’s time for another Sunday Snog and more tantalising lip action from my M/M erotic romance novella, Illicit Relations. Happy reading!

With that, they fell silent. Justin closed the gap between their faces and pressed a tender kiss to Terry’s lips. It was chaste for barely a second before they reached for each other and things became much more passionate. Lips parted, tongues explored, teeth clashed.

Soon the silence was replaced by heavy breathing, gasps and moans. They touched each other’s backs, shoulders and arms, eager for contact. Eager for…more.

Terry had been stiff pretty much as soon as they’d gotten into the taxi. The promise of what would happen next had seen to that. But now he felt close to exploding. His shaft pressed hard against the inside of his boxer shorts and he was damn glad he’d worn them. If not, his poor cock would have been in danger of being shredded by the unforgiving metal of his zipper.

He pulled back, his eyes wide, his chest heaving. “Fuck,” he said in response to Justin’s confused expression. “That’s just…wow. Can we get naked now?”

The blond grinned. “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Their lips melded once more and they turned their exploring hands to the task of undressing one another. They parted briefly to tug off T-shirts, but then they were drawn back together as if by magnets.

Terry scrambled wildly at Justin’s waist, desperate to render him naked so they could roll around on the bed, skin-to-skin. “Argh,” he finally said, the angle just too difficult to achieve his aim. “Just get them off.” He waved at the offending jeans.

As one, they reached down to undo their shoes, tug off their socks, then finally remove their jeans and boxers. Finally they stood facing each other, raking their gazes over each other’s unclothed forms.

You can get your hands on Illicit Relations here.

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  1. L.M. Brown

    January 12, 2014 at 11:40 am

    *fans self*

    Amazingly hot. Love it!