Sunday Snog – Testing Tom

Sunday Snog

Testing TomHere’s a very sexy and naughty snog from my femdom erotic romance novella, Testing Tom, which is released on the 30th July. I had real fun writing this book, I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Dipping two fingers briefly inside her channel, he brought them to his lips and sucked off the nectar. With a wicked grin, he then aimed the head of his cock at her entrance, and pushed inside. Moving his hands either side of her torso, he impaled her slowly before lowering his body, pressing their chests together and swallowing the moan that issued from her lips when his balls touched her arse. He captured her mouth, pulling her plump bottom lip in between his and sucking and nibbling at it as he began to slowly rock in and out of her.

She closed her eyes, giving way to the perfect sensations that were overtaking her. She gripped his biceps, reveling in the flexing of the hard muscles as he pumped into her, slowly at first, then faster. Even as his cock thrust into her cunt, his tongue thrust into her mouth, possessing her fully, filling her. It was true that she was the dominant, that she owned him. But he owned her, too.

Twisting her head to one side, pulling away from their kiss, she told him just that. “Tom, you own me. You know that, right? You always have. Don’t ever fucking leave me again.”

She opened her eyes and looked back to see his wide-eyed expression fill first with joy, then earnestness. “Kat,” he pressed a kiss to her nose, “I knew that once, but I thought I’d lost it, lost that right. I couldn’t be happier that we’re working things out. And I can definitely promise that I’ll never leave you again. It was temporary madness, but I’m sane again now. Well, sort of. I’m still crazy about you.”

Katrina giggled at the cheesiness of his words, then replied, “Shall we stop talking now, and fuck?”

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