Sunday Snog – The Military Wife

Sunday Snog

The Military WifeHere’s another delicious snog from my new erotic romance mini-anthology, The Military Wife. It has three stories, and this is a snippet from Passing Out Passion.

“God, you’re sexy when you’re angry.”


Before I had a chance to react, he kissed me. As his lips touched mine, all the stiffness and tension left my body, followed swiftly by the anger. In fact, had he not then chosen that moment to slip his arms around my waist, the weakness in my knees probably would have caused me to fall over.


Pulling me tightly to him, I could feel his erection pressing against my abdomen. A fresh dribble of lust trickled its way into my knickers, and I opened my mouth to return his kiss. His tongue immediately thrust between my lips and sought out mine. I reached around him and cupped his denim-clad ass cheeks in my hands as our kiss deepened.


It was some time before we pulled apart. When we eventually did, we were both gasping, and I suspected my facial expression mirrored Phil’s flushed, lust-addled one. We gazed at one another for a couple of seconds, then a strange movement from Phil made me look down and see what the problem was. A giggle escaped my lips as I watched him try to rearrange his stiff cock beneath his jeans.


“What?” he asked, grinning at me. “I can’t help it if you make me horny, can I? There was a time when you’d have dragged me to a secluded spot for a little light relief.”


“And what makes you think I won’t do that now?” I gave him what I hoped was my sauciest grin, then looked around for somewhere even more private for us to go.


“Oh, I dunno,” he said, clearly thinking I was bluffing, “only the fact that our families and lots of strangers are inside that building.”


“True,” I replied, nodding. “But they’re not inside that one.”


I pointed to a building at the other side of the courtyard. I had no idea what was inside it, and to be honest, I didn’t really care. I walked quickly towards it, hoping that we’d get there before anyone saw us. A glance over my shoulder told me that Phil wasn’t far behind.

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