Sunday Snog – The Military Wife

Sunday Snog

The Military WifeHere’s a delicious snog from my new erotic romance mini-anthology, The Military Wife. It is a military-themed book, and was released on the same day as Loose Ends, so I’ve been busily promoting both books all week!

Tess drank in every inch of her husband. The climate in Afghanistan had given him a decent tan, but of course he hadn’t been on holiday. He’d been fighting a war, and she was eternally grateful that he’d come back to her in one piece. He was still wearing his combats, with the regulation boots, but no headgear. He looked hot.


“Come here, soldier,” she said, crooking a finger, “and kiss me.”


Aidan didn’t need to be told twice. He immediately closed the space between them, shoved Tess against the work surface and bent to kiss her. The considerable height difference between them made this a pretty uncomfortable position, so Aidan lifted his wife to sit on the counter top.


Spreading her legs, Tess snared her husband between them and pulled him to her. Their lips met once more and they kissed hungrily, chasing away every month and mile that had kept them apart.


Aidan pulled back, only to blaze a trail with his lips down Tess’ neck and to the collar of her shirt. He kissed and nibbled at the sensitive skin there, his cock twitching in response to his wife’s moans. He made short work of undoing the buttons and removing her top. Reaching round to undo her bra, he threw both items on the floor.


Cupping her breasts, Aidan closed his eyes in bliss. He’d almost forgotten what this felt like – and it was even better than he remembered. Bending down, he pushed her soft mounds together and flicked his tongue from one to the other, licking the nipples and covering her pale skin in saliva.


Tess squeezed her legs together around her husband’s back, wanting to feel the rigid length of his erection pressed against her. It had been so long. She rolled her hips, causing her groin to rub relentlessly against Aidan’s, driving them both to distraction. He straightened up and looked her in the face, then bent for a kiss. As their lips met, Tess squealed into Aidan’s mouth as he lifted her from the work surface and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs.


By the time Aidan had stumbled up the stairs and into their bedroom, bumping into things in the process, the pair of them were giggling helplessly. They soon stopped when Aidan dropped Tess onto their bed and then joined her. Crawling up the mattress, Aidan covered Tess’ body with his, pressing his hard-on against her groin as he sucked and nibbled at the sensitive flesh of her neck and breasts.

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