The 250th Sunday Snog in Aid of FPA


Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in with a Sunday Snog, but since this one is for charity, I couldn’t resist. This event is raising funds for FPA, the sexual charity. So, as well as enjoying all the luscious snogs and entering the fab giveaways, please do consider heading to the JustGiving page and making a donation, which will go directly to FPA. Thank you!

So, without further ado, here’s my snog. I’m sharing a snippet from The Persecution of the Wolves – I thought a paranormal would be most fitting this week 😉 Beware, though, it’s a very hot snog…


When he returned to where he’d left Nathaniel, the other man hadn’t moved from his position on the sofa. He still sat there, his cock softening and a silly grin on his face. “Hey,” he said huskily, seeming to struggle, as though he hadn’t quite regained the ability to speak.

“Hey,” Isaac said, plopping down next to him. “That better?”

“Ooh, yes. But I can make it better still.”

“You can?” Isaac suspected he knew what was coming next, but it was more fun to pretend he didn’t.

“Yep. Come here.” Nathaniel snaked out a hand and gripped the back of Isaac’s neck, pulling him in for a heat-filled, passionate kiss. Their need for each other made them clumsy. Their teeth clashed together, but neither man cared. They continued to kiss hungrily, their tongues dueling for dominance, fighting then dancing together in an erotic movement that had them both gasping for air within seconds. Moving away to drag in precious lungfuls, they gazed at each other before diving back into their kiss.

Isaac cupped Nathaniel’s stubble-covered cheeks and pulled him in harder still, until their lips were pressed so bruisingly together they’d be showing signs for a long time afterward. God, he wanted him. Needed him. At this stage, being sucked off and exploding down Nathaniel’s throat would do, but what he really wanted was to be buried deep inside his arse, fucking him until they both screamed their climaxes.

Kissing the other man until his jaw ached, Isaac pulled away and ran a hand through his hair, enjoying the hungry look on Nathaniel’s face, not to mention the glimpse of his cock, which was hard again despite his recent orgasm.

“Fuck, Nath, I want you.”

Nathaniel grinned, his green eyes glinting and his dimples deepening, threatening to send Isaac into a meltdown. “How do you want me, gorgeous?”

“On your back on the bed. I want to see your face as I fuck you.”

“Fair enough. Race you.” He quickly kicked his trousers and boxers off from around his ankles and scurried, bare-arsed but still wearing his fleece and T-shirt, into the bedroom. Smiling, Isaac jogged after him.


Grab a copy of the book here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/the-persecution-of-the-wolves/

Add it to your Goodreads shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31905266-the-persecution-of-the-wolves


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