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Porn Film Review: Anna Span’s Uniform Behaviour

Anna Span, Britain’s first female porn director, presents here a cracking porn film which is sure to appeal to a lot of women. High up on the list of common women’s fantasies, uniforms are hot – and so is Uniform Behaviour, available from Strictly Broadband!

In the film, the emergency services take it upon themselves to please the public, as well as serve them. There are five separate scenarios, and the beauty of viewing them on the website is that you can just choose to watch the one/s you want and come back to the others at a later date if you want to. However, I thought they were all good:

  • Gynecologist training
  • Fire Service
  • Point of Entry
  • Bed Bath
  • Soldier Exercise

Think my favourite was probably the Fire Service one, despite them not being my favourite uniform. It was tongue in cheek and pretty humorous which passed the time in between the naughty bits. Though, to be honest, how many people watch porn for the storyline!!? If anything, I just find it a distraction and hastily skip to the good bits! There isn’t a great deal of preamble in these films though.

Basically, if uniforms are your thing then you’ll love this. There’s an awful lot of content in there though, so once you’ve logged on to Strictly Broadband, you’re probably better off buying the tickets that allow you to have the film for a year… dependent, of course, on how often you watch porn!

Anna Span’s Uniform Behaviour is probably more for women, but I’m sure most guys would happily sit through this with their lady! So sign up today and choose from a huge selection of high quality hardcore porn for a fraction of the price of DVDs you’ll find in shops and online. The beauty being, you don’t have to hide them when people come round, and after a while you won’t watch to keep watching the same film again and again so you can just choose a new one whenever you feel like it. Alternatively, buy several and alternate them!


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