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A Week to Go…

I Kissed A GirlIt’s just one week until I’m published by Black Lace! Yes, that’s right, the publisher I always aimed for but then sadly closed their doors before I got chance is back. And they have some fabulous titles coming out – re-releases of their classic titles, new titles and titles they’ve licensed from other publishers. Which is why I can now say I’m published by Black Lace. They’re publishing some titles from Ravenous Romance, including I Kissed a Girl, which is a combination of I Kissed a Girl and I Kissed a Girl II, which both have my stories. Therefore the BL version has two of my dirty tales! Woohoo!

So, yes, it’s just a week until this luscious lesbian book hits the UK shelves. It’s available for pre-order, and it looks like people are grabbing their copies already, if the Amazon charts are anything to go by.

My stories (as are all the others in the book), Show Me Yours and Nimble Fingers are about virgin lesbians. One is about two girls who have a disagreement but make up over a dildo, and the second is about a woman who goes to a bar and finds herself attracted to the guitarist in the band, much to her astonishment.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re in the UK, head to Amazon and pre-order your paperback or Kindle copy now – and look out for it in the shops!

Erotica 2009 ‘n Stuff

27th November 2009 – Apologies for not blogging much of late, but I’ve been a busy bee! I’m still in the process of moving the Fantasy Nuggets blog of old over to this site, and I’ve been tweaking bits and bobs that I wasn’t happy with. I’m finally happy with my Links page – I’ve amalgamated my erotic and non-erotic links. I doubt very much I’m going to offend anyone, as chances are if they’re visiting my site, they’ve already got a fair idea of what they’re going to find.

I’ve also imported all my RSS feeds into Outlook, because I’ve seriously dropped out of the whole blog-reading thing due to not finding a feed reader I was happy with. This way, the stories pop into my inbox as they’re posted, meaning I’ll be back up to speed on people’s blogs and commenting away!

In writing news, my exciting news of recent times is the publication of Temptations Vol. 2 – an Xcite book with a tasty man on the front cover and one of my stories nestling between the covers! There’s even a tiny extract from my story on the back cover…

It appeared the posh boy was also deliciously dirty…

Hopefully that’ll draw you in enough to make the purchase – go on, it’s only £2.99 – purchase link [intlink id=”953″ type=”page”]here[/intlink].

I’m working on lots of new stories –  but not in the most productive way. I seem to keep starting stories, then starting something else – so I’m getting nothing finished! So I must make some headway and send things off. It’ll soon be time to put out calls for submission for the Cars & Girls issue of Bunnie, which I’m guest-editing, so I won’t have so much time for writing when the closing date rolls around!

Finally, I was at Erotica last weekend. In good old London town, at Olympia, to be precise. I knew it had been scaled down from last year, but I was still quite surprised. It’s only the second time I’ve been, and last year I was there on the Saturday, rather than Sunday, but it was very quiet. There weren’t many stands, there was a lot of space between them, and visitors were thin on the ground. There just wasn’t much of a buzz (pardon the pun). So that was a little disappointing, but it did give me chance for a good look around without having to push through crowds.

Which brings me to the two most interesting parts of my visit. I got to see my good friend Jackie Adshead, erotic artist. No – let me rephrase that – fabulous erotic artist. Jackie’s headline art (can you call it that, I’m not sure – you know what I mean!) this year was her Fantasy Fannies. And yes, they’re exactly what you think they are. Close up paintings of lady bits. But far from being graphic, they’re painted in such a way that they’re almost abstract. So if you were to buy one and put in on your living room wall, nobody would instantly know what it was. Of course, the smuttier-minded ones amongst us (and I’m guessing you’re one, or you wouldn’t be here) would guess, but depending on their level of politeness, wouldn’t say anything. Not being arty, I’m probably doing a rubbish job at describing them, so just head on over to her website and take a look. And, if you ask her nicely, she’ll do a painting of yours. 🙂

Secondly, I got to meet a man whose name is legendary in erotic writing circles – Adam Nevill. He was with the lovely Hazel Cushion on the Xcite stand. I was lucky to catch up with him, meet him in the flesh and have a good old chinwag. It’s nice to meet people for real because you tend to have more ‘normal’ conversations about anything and everything – whereas when you’re emailing someone in a work capacity, you just get to the point. So that was a highlight of my day – that and seeing all those lovely Xcite books displayed so prominently with Hazel looking proudly on. So she should – joking aside it’s a fabulous range with lovely bright eye-catching covers and totally sexy writing. And with the passing of Black Lace, it’s just going from strength to strength and it’s something I’m delighted to be a part of. Nice work, Xcite!