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It’s Blissemaaaaaaas!

Yes, it’s that very special time of year – Blissemas! Where the fab husband and wife team Victoria and Mit put together lots of seasonal goodness for us to enjoy, including cool prizes and brand new books for us to buy. Speaking of which, I have a brand new book out – did you know? It’s Christmas themed, too. Kind of, anyway. It’s set in a very snowy and icy early January, but the main character is one of Santa’s reindeer. For one day of the year, anyway. The other 364 days, he’s a regular guy. And he’s lonely too, which is why this year Santa has done something very special and helped Cassius Cupid to find a woman – how nice is that?!

So if you want to find out how a delivery and some ice can bring a couple together, you should definitely check out my erotic romance, Reindeer Games: Cupid. It’s part of a series, so take a peek at the others, too. Also, you can add it to Goodreads here.

Before you rush off and buy my book, though (:D), make sure to read the paragraph below to find out how you can win this Blissemas.

You could win the Blissemas Kindle Fire! Simply leave a comment on this blog and all the others listed at blissemas.co.uk and for each comment you’ll win an entry into the draw! Please note only one comment per person┬áper blog will be counted. Please check out http://blissemas.co.uk for terms and conditions.